About us

The Radio-Taxi Association of Kos was founded in 1992 and is bound with all government licenses for its practice of services within the island of Kos.

Since the Association was founded in 1992, its vision was and still is, the high quality transportation services via taxis within the island of Kos 24/7, 365. In order for this vision to take place and for it to be successful, the Association since the day it was founded, has invested in state of the art technology and the latest, most luxurious car models available in the market today. The Association currently employs more than 150 licensed professional drivers with vehicles licensed to operate in the island of Kos.

Our Goal

Our goal is the fastest, safest, most reliable, comfortable and overall, the highest quality of service possible.

Our Drivers

All of the Association’s 150+ drivers, are licensed professional drivers and are always friendly and willing to assist our customers with all of their driving needs.

Our Call Center

Since it began its service back in 1992, our call center is a fully equipped state of the art call center which follows the latest technology available in the market today hand by hand and is always upgrading its technology in order to meet the latest telecommunication needs of today and to provide the customer with the best service possible.

Today, our call center is equipped with 8 phone lines and state of the art calling service equipment. While also equipped with an electronic phone service management system, our calling center operates 24 hours per day and 365 days per year with the ability to handle more than 100 calls per day.

Our call center employs only experienced operators that are capable to assist every customer need, starting from a simple phone call, all the way to hiring a taxi with one of our 150+ drivers. Each customer that calls our call center, will have the ability to be notified immediately of the license plate number of the vehicle that will be of his assistance, for the approximate waiting time until the arrival of his vehicle and lastly, under his choosing, the approximate cost of the trip booked.

Our Fleet

The Radio-Taxi Association of Kos currently operates more than 70 vehicles and its trademark is the silver coloring in each of the taxi vehicles.

Over 90% of the Association’s operating vehicle brand is Mercedes-Benz. All of our vehicles are fully equipped with air bags in each of the seats, air conditioning and full insurance coverage. All of our vehicles are maintained by our drivers and our vehicles are in top of the line condition. All of our operating vehicles go under detailed technical inspection tactically and are excellently maintained.

The average time of service of our vehicles doesn’t surpass 5 years, which means that every 5 years we renovate our fleet in order to meet our goal of providing safety and maintaining our high quality service while providing the most comfortable and reliable service to our customers.

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